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We plan to use a wide variety of distribution sources in order to reach the largest audience possible. When one episode is completed we will shop it to PBS, HBO, Showtime, History Channel, A&E, and Al Jazeera America. In the current media landscape there are more venues for broadcast than ever before, and many that are hungry for exciting, high-quality content. We have already been contacted by media agents who supply content to broadcasters and are interested in the film. We have also had meetings with PBS representatives who have shown significant interest in the film.


The incredible drama of these stories, and their relevance to current events, will make the film very attractive to media buyers. There are 15 million union workers in America who will provide a built in audience who are personally invested in hearing the story of labor. A look at the buzz on labor union blogs gives just a hint of the word of mouth marketing that this demographic will provide. To see examples click here.


We have been contacted by many college professors who want to use the film as a teaching tool in the classroom, and we have an educational distributor in place to sell DVDs to universities. The use of the film in the classroom will have an important impact on future labor leaders and union members.


We plan to remain independent until completion of the film so that we can control the content. We believe it is important to have the story told without compromise. Once the film completed and the power of the story is apparent, we will present it to broadcasters and consider the best deal to reach a wide audience.


We will also publish a book of transcripts of the full interviews for historical and academic use.


We currently have a very active online outreach campaign on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblir. The Facebook page engages our many thousands of followers in daily discussions and debates on labor issues, informs people on labor history events, and creates interest and support for the film.

We have received press coverage in publications such as:

Director Caeser Pink has been interviewed on the following radio stations to discuss the film:


A theatrical version of the film will be sent to festivals around the world including the Festival de Cannes, the Toronto International Film Festival, South by Southwest, the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, the Berlin International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, and the Telluride Film Festival.


We also plan to make the film available for labor unions and worker centers to view at private screenings in select locations.
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